Would like to express my heartfelt thanks to foxhall vets for the way they dealt with our dog a couple of weeks ago, the empathy and kindness they expressed at one of the toughest times really made all the difference.. our Yoda was looked after by such caring people which provided so much comfort. Today We have come home to a beautiful card and seeds from them which honestly cannot express how lovely this was! Thank you for everything.
— Foxhall Veterinary Clinic Client
Hi, sometimes it’s the small thank you’s in life that make our day and I just wanted you to know how grateful we are. You have been grooming Molly now since she had her first cut as a puppy, she’s now 7 1/2 years old, you always make us feel welcome and have time for a friendly chat. Your love for animals is outstanding. So I just wanted you to know that you are simply the best.
— Karen Jones
These ladies are the best. Handled the worst week of my life when I lost two of my cats quite suddenly. They held me up throughout. The vets with their treatment of us and my babies. The nurses with their endless patience and compassion from chatting on the phone to put me at ease to the time they took as my heart broke in the surgery. I’m forever in their debt. Simply amazing!!
— Catherine Smith
We have three standard poodles who go to see Lauren and Jackie at Foxall 4 Paws to get their hair cut every ten weeks. We would never take them anywhere else! They love going ans come home looking fantastic. Nothing is ever to much trouble and we would recommend Foxall 4 Paws to all doggies who need a regular hair cut.
— Juliet & Darren
Foxhall have been fantastic from day one with all of our cats! They always friendly and I wouldn’t want to take my cats to anywhere else now! Our cat Susie was very poorly last year and without the help from foxhall we might we have lost her! The staff are fantastic
— Max Sutton
Hi, Just to say my little Westie Raffles loves coming to see you at Foxhall 4 Paws. Really happy to have found a place where you are all so kind and friendly. Thank you!
— Sue Wise
First time visiting Foxhalls tonight as i had been recommended to go to them. I am very pleased with the service/treatment that my dog received. Best vets i have used in the area, especially after having a bad experience elsewhere!
— Haylee Elizabeth Scott
Very kind, thoughtful and caring. They also avoid clients spending money unnecessarily unlike some other places. Very impressed and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend.
— Sarah Blackbourn
We have been bringing Spike to Foxall 4 Paws for 5 years now. We travel back from Yorkshire to have Spike groomed here as quite simply, no one does it better! We trust Lauren and Jackie with him completely. You can always rely on the team to be completely professional but also incredibly friendly and welcoming. He looks like a different dog once they have finished. We couldn’t be happier with the service that they provide.
— Kate Ridley
Lottie goes in dirty and comes out shiny and clean. She has a lovely comb-out and haircut and comes out happy and smelling like roses.
— Miss Beaummont
have to give a MASSIVE shout out and THANKS to all the staff at FOXHALLS VETS
in Ruskington,
Especially the two Sophies who even gave up a Sunday to help Nala after getting a grass seed in her head.
It’s been a long journey, but she’s made a wonderful recovery after five long weeks and three operations.
— Feda Smith
We just want to say a massive Thanks to all who have helped with chesney to get back to his happy self again.🐶Thanku Foxhall vets to everyone who has cared and knows ches, chesney loves you all as we do ❤️Big shout out to Simona Judge We can’t Thanku enough for the way you have cared and never given up on ches, he adores you ,you go beyond your job !!We owe you everything and more ❤️, Gemma Bourne you helped ches at the start we owe you too Thanku ❤️ Sophie Flint Thanku for looking after ches when he needs you ,you are so caring and always find the time to come out and cuddle him he loves it ❤️Tracy Healy Angie Holdaway Thanku for giving us the faith back in a vets surgery again so glad you are here ❤️
— Pam, Gemma, Chesney and Casper Andrews