About us

Our premises was initially an empty shell in the early part of 2007.  We had a clean canvas in which to plan exactly what we wanted, therefore making our practice purpose built, including dedicated dog and cat wards, a theatre suite, diagnostic imaging room (including radiography and ultrasonography capabilities), laboratory facilities (our in-house blood tests can be processed within as little as 15 minutes), bereavement area separate to the main clinic and isolation area.  As the practice grew, in 2013 we expanded, taking on an established grooming business now called Foxhall 4 paws, which is housed in the adjacent building.

We have a great, conscientious team of veterinarians, registered veterinary nurses and nursing assistants who will care for your pet with the utmost respect.  With our preferred choice of diet being Royal Canin, our staff are here to help and advise in your pets nutritional needs too.

Our nurses offer advice clinics on weight loss/gain, adolescent/geriatric patients and dental care, with the ability to offer further clinics to suit your pets needs/requirements as deemed necessary by either yourselves or your veterinary surgeon.

Please feel free to contact us for a friendly chat or advice regarding your beloved pet.

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